2018 Programme - April 13-14-15

SWCPDD is three days of piping, drumming and dancing, learning and fun with tuition from experienced international and national instructors with an emphasis on identifying key areas of improvement and developing strategies to enhance performances. Topics may include basic and advanced exercises, practice techniques, music selection for solo and band performances, music theory, maintenance, tuning and preparation for competition. A Dress & Drill component is included in the program for Drum Majors and other interested persons.

We are delighted to announce that with assistance from the VPA, Terry Tully (former PM of the 2010 World Champion St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band and noted composer) will be out leading piping tutor. Terry is also a noted soloist, and is at the forefront of Irish music in the piping world, and is renowned for arranging traditional and contemporary Irish music for the bagpipes. Other confirmed piping tutors are Tim McLeod, John Young and Josh Chandler.

Drumming will be lead by Dean Hall (PBA Principal of Drumming) and Alexis Ferguson with Monica Forster and Tanya Cawthorn leading the tenor drumming program . Other tutor announcements will follow shortly as final arrangements are confirmed.

Applicants are requested to note that there is a separate registration form for Pipers, Drummers, Drum Majors, and Dancers. All dancing queries should be directed to Lisa Barker at ardlair@internode.on.net

Registration forms for 2018 are now available for download.

Register your interest via email to mriches@activ8.net.au
For more details follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/SouthWestCoastPiperDrummer2012

Downloadable documents:

SWCPDD Registration Form 2018

SWCPDD Dancing Registration Form 2018


2018 Dancing Registration Form - April 21-22-23

SWCPDD is delighted to announce a revised dancing programme for the dancing component of the workshop.
Highland Hustle ‘bootcamp’
Two qualified HH instructors will run up to  5 HH sessions over the SWCPDD weekend.  Although arrangements are yet to be finalised, it is anticipated there will be one session Friday, three on Saturday (first thing, mid day, afternoon), and one on Sunday.  This is in addition to our current classes for competitive dancers, and is a great opportunity to engage with all workshop participants and even the general public.
Participants can try just one session, or if they like this new initiative, can sign up for all five sessions if they wish to do so!
I was imagining that if someone wanted to do all 5 sessions they could register via the ‘dancer registration form’ (primarily to get the EB discount etc), however we could also have payment on the day for those keen to do a session or two.
Parent/Teacher sessions (for dancers)
This is an opportunity to discuss support and opportunities for teachers, and also education and support of parents at grass roots level to help grow and benefit highland dancing.  Therefore, there will be parent/teacher sessions offered on our dancing program this year.

For more details follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/SouthWestCoastPiperDrummer2012

Downloadable documents:

SWCPDD Dancing Registration Form 2018

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Greetings all again from SWCPDD 2018.

Sorry for delay but all will be contacted this week confirming their registrations and providing further detail.

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He’s been described as one of the most musical pipers of his time. A prolific composer and an amazing player........ and he is leading our piping tutor team!

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Hey all!

As SWCPDD 2018 approaches don't forget our very successful learners program.

2x1 hr lessons Saturday and 1x1hr lesson Sunday. These are run by highly trained tutors and specifically ... See more

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Dean Hall, Alexis Ferguson, Tom Mewett, Mon Forster, Tanya Cawthorn and Pete Moir.

These guys are all ready for an awesome SWCPDD 2018

Your drum tutors sorted!

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